Hotel DeFuniak Treasure Hunt

In celebration of Hotel DeFuniak’s 100 year anniversary, guests are invited on a treasure hunt!

During his stay in 1928, Al Capone lost his wallet somewhere in the hotel. Find the wallet and you will receive a 100th year commemorative coin, a free night stay in one of Hotel DeFuniak’s signature rooms, and a $100 gift card to Cafe Nola.

Here’s how you play: Sign up at Hotel DeFuniak to receive your treasure map of Downtown DeFuniak and the lakeyard. On the map you will see a list of illustrated clues that you must find. Each location has a riddle you must solve. The correct answer gets you a sticker! Once you have stickers from all the clue locations on your map, you must bring it back to Hotel DeFuniak and the real hunt begins!

After you turn your completed map in to staff at Hotel DeFuniak, you will have 30-minutes to escape from the library. When you find the hidden key that gets you out, it will have the final clue that leads you to Al Capone’s wallet. Find the wallet and you win!

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