Gilleran’s Island Performs March 11 at Music on Main

Tickets are on sale now for the March 11 Music on Main Concert, featuring Gilleran’s Island Band, a talented group delighting audiences with their beautifully crafted originals, soulful harmonies and expertly curated song list.

TerraJean Otto shines on violin – deep in the groove with sweet lines, ripping riffs and even some funk chops. Vocalist John Gilleran sings his heart out in perfectly pitched smooth baritone tones and soaring falsetto, all the while laying down a solid foundation on acoustic guitar. Described as Americana Soul Pop, their energetic show will take you on a journey through many musical styles and is sure to put a smile on your face, a zip in your step and maybe a tear in your eye.  They will be joined by Dr. Mel Senter on bass, a retired pediatrician who is happily pursuing his first love, music, in his retirement from practicing medicine. 

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