Black History Month Banner Program Honoree: Lois G. Washington

Lois G. Washington was born December 1935 to Reverend Lonnie Gould and Flossie Campbell Gould in Ponce de Leon, Florida. She attended and graduated from Tivoli High School.

Lois married the love of her life, the late Pastor Jesse Washington, in February of 1953. The two raised nine children. Los was a champion of faith, family, and community, meeting all she met with a warm smile and quiet, yet nurturing spirit.

A lover of God and all his people, she served on numerous boards and held various roles in the ministry. Lois was a dutiful member of the Walton County Democratic Black Caucus, Tivoli Historical Society, and lifetime member of the NAACP.

In the face of hatred, bigotry, and the intolerable treatment of minorities, Lois stood steadfast in her hope for the community to overcome racism. Lois faced a silent battle with diabetes, but many who knew her weren’t aware, a testament to her strength and care for others.

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