Black History Month Banner Program Honoree: Henry T. Wilkerson

Henry T. Wilkerson’s legacy and influence extend far beyond his tenure as an educator and influencer. Mr. Wilkerson touched hundreds of lives throughout the community, as well as many others outside of our community.

A leader in every sense of the word, Mr. Wilkerson was a deacon in the Red Bay Church of Christ for more than 50 years and educator in both Walton and Okaloosa County School Systems for more than 37 years. He served as a teacher, coach, administrator, and Principal (Laurel Hill, Bruce Creek, Chapel Hill, Tivoli Elementary, and Tivoli High School).

Mr. Wilkerson influenced and served his community by participating in various community initiatives such as Walton County Library Board, Creator and member of Concerned Fathers, Big Bend Health Council, Chautauqua Offices of Psychotherapy and Evaluation Board of Directors, United Professionals of Walton County, and the Walton County Retired Educators’ Association.

His mantra was: “Good is not enough, when Better is expected.” Many of his former students always visited him when they returned home to compliment and give credit to Mr. Wilkerson’s encouragement and sound advice in their formative years, and beyond.

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