Waste Management to Take over City Garbage Services – October 1, 2021

DeFuniak Springs, FL…DeFuniak Springs customers of garbage pickup services will notice a natural gas-fueled Waste Management garbage truck pulling up to their front yards beginning October 1 instead of a truck by the City of DeFuniak Springs.  City leaders signed a contract for garbage pickup services with Waste Management to save the City taxpayer from purchasing new, costly replacement trucks as the City’s equipment is now considered unreliable.

“These new contracted services with Waste Management actually expands garbage pickup services to include more holidays,” says City Manager Robert Thompson.  “There’s only three holidays which services by Waste Management will be delayed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Waste Management will continue services on all other holidays.  The City currently postpones services on ALL federal holidays when the City is officially closed.”  

Customers will see NO rate change to their utility bills where the garbage/sewer service rates are covered nor any changes to establishing garbage pickup services at the City’s utility/billing office.  Also, customers will see no change to their weekly schedule for garbage pickup.  However, customers WILL have to bag all garbage and place in their one cart with lid closed and lid facing the street when placed by the side of the road.  No additional trash will be picked up if placed outside the cart.  The new Waste Management trucks require only the driver who operates a mechanical arm from the driver’s seat which grabs/lifts the cart and empties into the top of the truck and places back onto the ground.  If customers wish to rent an additional cart, they can contact Waste Management at (850) 389-6121. 

  • Extra residential cart:  $4.50/month.
  • Extra commercial cart: $12.00/month.

Waste Management will only be responsible for regular weekly garbage service. The City will continue to pick up yard debris and white goods.  City employees who are currently working on the City’s garbage trucks will move over to the City’s Transportation Services (which includes yard and bulk waste pickup services) on October 1.  

Flyers will be placed on all garbage carts within the City of DeFuniak Springs in the coming weeks explaining the new services as well as in all utility bills issued by the City.  For further details on garbage pickup services and/or to download a flyer now can visit the City’s website (residential section) at www.defuniaksprings.net or call Public Works at (850) 892-8534 or Waste Management at (850) 389-6121.

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