City Council Adopts Downtown Streetscape Improvements

“Creating streets for people starts with creating a safe, sustainable, and healthy place for residents and visitors to connect, engage, and support the local economy. Truly the front porch of our communities, successful Main Street’s embrace human-scale design and offer seating areas, inviting public spaces, and streetscape amenities that enhance the overall human experience. They are also easy and safe to navigate, with infrastructure and programming that prioritize and accommodate people of all abilities.” – Main Street America

On Monday, August 10, 2020, during their Regular Meeting the City Council voted unanimously to establish the Downtown improvement as a priority item to be included in the City goals as determined by the Council.

Through our efforts with improved downtown streetscapes in the Main Street District of DeFuniak Springs we can design a destination worth visiting, not just passage ways to and from.

Downtown DeFuniak Springs is a destination not a raceway. These improved streetscapes will put people first, showing an evident shift in our priority to access not automobiles. While it makes sense for major gateways to be remain high-speed to accommodate regional mobility, the speeds on our downtown streets should reflect a pace for people, not just conduits for cars. There’s no argument, cars have their place, but through the rediscovered importance of walking we will bring more people out onto our streets. In turn, creating spaces to serve as public forums where neighbors and friends can connect.

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