Main Street Ambassador Dixie Holder

Meet Dixie Holder, a Homemaker, who, in her spare time lends a hand to improving the community she calls home, DeFuniak Springs. Dixie has been involved with DeFuniak Springs for over 20 years and has lived here for 6 years. She loves spending time at the lake yard and recommends everyone try Mom and Dad’s Italian Restaurant for local fare. She’s a patron at Vault 46, Goff’s ladies shop, and says there’s something from Nook and Cranny (Main Street antique shop) in every room in her house!

By becoming a Main Street Ambassador, Dixie aspires “to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to revitalize DeFuniak Springs and help it become the beautiful, vibrant place it once was and can be again.” Dixie describes Main Street as a life preserver on a boat and says that it is the tool that will, not only keep us afloat, but pull us back on the boat so we can sail forward!

If there’s one thing Dixie would like for visitors to know it’s that “people here aren’t just ‘being friendly,’ they mean it! The community pulls together to help each other all the time and we don’t think one thing of it. It’s just what you do. You help your neighbor.”

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